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Jonathan W. McConnell Receives Course Certificates as DUI Attorney

Posted: 7/21/2015


After being charged with a DUI, you face serious consequences that could affect your entire future. DUI convictions can result in large fines, losing your driver’s license, and a prison sentence. It’s a specialized case type that requires a DUI attorney with the proper training and qualifications. You need a lawyer who knows your rights and options, while making sure you are being treated fairly by the legal system.

Jon McConnell has received two course certificates for completing specialized DUI defense training as a DUI attorney to better serve the needs of clients.

In order to successfully build a defense, DUI cases require an attorney with a specialized skill-set. DUI attorneys need to be well-versed in police procedures, breathalyzers, and field sobriety tests. There are countless attorneys who offer representation; however, very few have the necessary qualifications and training to adequately handle a DUI case.

“I received a Certificate of Training for having successfully completed a 24-hour DWI Detection and Standard Field Sobriety Testing Program,” says Jon. “I also received a separate Science of Breath Testing Course Certificate for attending a course, which gave instruction in breath testing instruments. It covered the topics of breath sample for analysis, instrument accuracy, technology, alcohol absorption, and proper maintenance of instrument and simulator. Each course was taught by an expert on each respective topic.”

Jon McConnell has also been honored as a founding member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys due to his successful track record, advanced training, credentials, and his use of all available resources during a case. Because of his specialized training, Jon is fully prepared to defend clients in a DUI criminal case. His mission is to ensure that every client gets a fair trial, and that your rights are defended. Jon uses creative, outside-the-box methods to overcome tremendous odds. If you have been charged with a DUI for either drugs or alcohol, please call our office for a free consultation. Jon is honored to fight hard for you and your case!

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