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Your Traffic Law Attorney Explains Traffic Ticket Myths

Posted: 8/18/2015


Receiving a speeding ticket or traffic penalty can be an overwhelming experience. You face fines, court appearances, and the threat of a suspended license or jail time. It’s important to have an experienced traffic law attorney in your corner who knows the complexities of vehicle codes and police procedures.

Jonathan W. McConnell, traffic law attorney, wants to remind you of common traffic accident myths so you can better protect yourself.

1. MYTH – Do whatever the police officer asks and they will dismiss your traffic ticket.
It’s important to comply with basic police requests when an officer asks to see your license and registration, or asks you to exit the vehicle. However, never let an officer use your traffic violation as an excuse to conduct an in-depth investigation. An officer might try to trick you into believing they will throw out the ticket in exchange for searching your vehicle. Motorists have the right to refuse a search request. Be polite, accept the ticket, and ask permission before driving away.

2. MYTH – Don’t sign the traffic ticket.
This is false. Signing the traffic ticket is NOT an admission of guilt. This simply confirms you received the ticket. Not signing also doesn’t mean you can deny the ticket was ever issued. If you refuse to sign, it can create hostility with the officer and escalate the situation. Sign the ticket if asked and be on your way.

3. MYTH – Police officers never testify at hearings.
If you contest your ticket it’s likely the police officer will be there to testify. Many officers receive overtime pay for appearing in court. It’s also part of their responsibility as police officers. This is why it’s important to have a traffic law attorney build your defense.

4. MYTH – Crossing state lines will void your traffic ticket.
Not true. The Driver License Compact between 46 states will uphold your charges and notify your state’s DMV. Ignoring your ticket because it was issued in another state could result in losing your license and/or criminal charges.

Jonathan W. McConnell has the experience and talent necessary to defend or negotiate your ticket, and get your driver’s license returned. Call our office for a free consultation and get your life back to normal.

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