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Your DUI Attorney on New Kansas DUI Reforms

Posted: 12/28/2015


Your life changes in an instant after a DUI accident. Drivers face the loss of their license, large monetary fines, and time in jail. Victims of DUI accidents suffer emotional and physical trauma, property damage, and even death. In order to better protect the rights of everyone involved, the Kansas Legislature has recently proposed several reforms to DUI laws.

DUI Attorney Jonathan W. McConnell knows firsthand how DUI accidents can tragically affect lives.

The current laws in KS mandate that an individual must wait 7 years to ask a court to remove a DUI conviction from their record, and 10 years for a municipal DUI violation. However, proposed legislation would lower the time frame for expunging a record of a DUI to 5 years. This allows drivers to be held responsible, while also giving them a better chance of reclaiming their lives.

The Kansas Senate amended House Bill 2159, in order to better protect motorists. The legislation proposed that those convicted of a DUI would be given a DUI-stamped license, which makes it easier for police to know if a driver has prior convictions. Those convicted of a DUI are also required to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. This breathalyzer makes it impossible to start the automobile until the driver delivers a breath sample. If the driver has a breath alcohol concentration, then the automobile cannot be started.

House Bill 2055 was also amended with the addition of Mija’s Law. The proposed law was named for schoolteacher Mija Stockman who suffered significant brain trauma after being struck by a drunk driver in 2013. Jeffrey Davis, the driver responsible, was sentenced to 34 months in jail for DUI aggravated battery. However, his sentence was reduced to probation. Mija’s Law sets a mandatory sentencing of 38 to 172 months without the possibility of parole in DUI aggravated battery cases.

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