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When Your Guests Drink and Drive

Posted: 6/19/2016



Drinking and driving at any time can always bring a host of issues to those involved. But if you’re the one providing alcohol at your own home or social gathering, you could be liable for the damage your guest causes on the road. You’ll need a good Wichita DUI defense attorney to help.


If you provide alcohol to your guests and they leave your residence or rented space, you could be considered a responsible party for the damages they cause. The amount of trouble you face can heighten if your at-fault guest is under the legal drinking age. Not only will you be facing legal ramifications for serving your guest, but you could also face fines and possible imprisonment for illegally serving alcohol to minors.

Civil court

Your actions as the party organizer could land you in civil court. If a person leaves your gathering clearly drunk and injures someone, the injured party can link the driver back to you. So it’s very important to take responsibility for any gathering that’s under your control – make sure everyone arrives home safe.

A good lawyer can help

It’s not uncommon for the organizer of a gathering to take some responsibility for the actions of their guests.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you need quality legal defense, your best bet is someone with years of experience in legal defense – someone like Jonathan W. McConnell.

His in-depth experience with cases such as this will ensure you’re properly represented in the courtroom.

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