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Defending Rape Cases

Posted: 7/25/2016




Cases involving rape often involve a wide range of conflicting information. And more often than not, these cases don’t involve a break in and random rape as many might think. The accused are typically a boyfriend, neighbor or fellow partygoer. The gravity of a hasty rape accusation is usually not fully realized until charges are filed and bail is set, and by then, the accuser can’t retract. So how are rape cases handled? What options do the accused have when dealing with a case of this nature? And what can someone do to get the best possible outcome?

Defending the case

Once an accusation is made against an individual, evidence is collected. This evidence ranges from eyewitness testimony to an investigation by a trained physician to general evidence at the scene. The most difficult aspect of a rape case is the lack of credible evidence. Although there are typically a few key pieces, it usually comes down to one person’s word versus another. It is often said, “The charge of rape is easily made but almost impossible to defend.”

Are rape cases impossible to defend?

No. Although rape cases can be difficult to defend, there are possible nuances – evidence, holes in witness’ stories, etc. – that can lead to a positive outcome. It can come down to the experience of the defense attorney involved. The right attorney will scour through every minute detail to ensure that the accused is properly defended. Because in a case like this, the truth is vitally important to the future of the accused.

What to do

Find a lawyer who has extensive experience defending rape cases. Focused, solid understanding is the key to the best outcome. An attorney with a diverse comprehension of rape defense, like Jonathan W. McConnell, will ensure that even the slightest nuance of your situation will be scrutinized to the highest degree, resulting in the best possible outcome for your specific case.

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