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What You Should Know About DUI on a Bicycle

Posted: 9/28/2016


Most drunk driving incidents largely involve vehicles such as trucks, automobiles or motorcycles. You may think that it’s okay to have a few shots or drinks in the pub or at your buddy’s house before hopping on your bike to go home. But it would be wise to think again.

There are different consequences which may not be as severe as a DUI, but in any case, it is best to have an attorney you can call to handle legal matters if you were to find yourself in a dangerous legal predicament.

Drunken Bike Riding Can Be Treated the Same

BUI, or Biking Under the Influence, can also have serious consequences and cause serious damage. There have been many cases of BUI that were not necessarily involving motor vehicles. It’s best to know what to expect should you ever be caught in such a situation.

The first thing to keep in mind is that each state or municipality may have individual rules for DUI and BUI. Check your local laws so that you can stay updated with the legal issues and consequences. When you are aware, you can make better choices with a positive outcome.

The Law Conflicts

In recent law updates, it was declared that BUI or Biking Under the Influence will be treated a bit lighter in the City of Wichita Municipal Court than DUI charges. The Wichita City Council approved this ruling with statements that ensured a new ordinance. This is designed to make two separate offenses so that prosecutors will be able to separate previous convictions of DUI in the case of repeat drunk driving.

Calculating Penalties

There is a bit of conflict, however. The current city ordinances state that BUI must be treated the same as DUI. This is a wording difference but holds legal problems as the attorneys in Wichita see inconsistencies in definition with the State of Kansas as a real problem.

A recent new ordinance makes operating a human-powered vehicle while drunk a definite safety hazard for which the driver will be held accountable. Wichita police Capt. Jose Salcido confirmed: “The intent of this new ordinance is to hold them (drunken bikers) accountable for that action.”

Penalty For BUI

So what are the penalties for bike riding under the influence in Wichita? You could be charged by police even without taking a blood test. However, bear in mind that it is still your right to request one. If guilty of BUI, the offense comes with the heavy consequence of up to six months in jail plus a fine of $500 in addition to court costs. That’s just BUI. If someone was injured because you were driving under the influence, the penalties could be far worse.

What Measures Should You Take?

Being charged with a BUI is no light thing. Think about how it could affect not just your own life, but your family’s, and their security and future as well.

In the case that you would need to call upon a legal BUI defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell is a Wichita, KS-based lawyer. He has had significant experience in both BUI and DUI cases. If there is damage as a result of your BUI, he would be the one to call.

Honored by the National College for DUI Defense, Jon is known for his compassion and adherence to the law as well as his understanding of his clients and their needs.

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