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Course Certificate as Wichita DUI Attorney

Posted: 11/17/2016



A DUI Is a Specialized Case Type That Requires a DUI Attorney. You may think that being charged with a DUI is no big deal, but remember, you could face serious consequences that may negatively impact your future. Besides the usual fines required, you could lose your driver’s license, and your charge after even a DUI offense could result in loss of your auto insurance, employment, and jail time. Obviously, DUI is not a light issue.

A DUI is a specialized case, and without the proper representation, you may get into more trouble with the law than you have anticipated. It requires a special DUI attorney, one who must come with the proper training and specific qualifications for handling a DUI case.

Ideally, that lawyer is well-versed in the law according to your current state, has studied the legal system as it pertains to this part of the country, and is fully aware of all your rights and options. Once you have such a lawyer, know that you will be treated fairly by the legal system, in case you do run into a DUI situation.

How and Who Should You Choose?

There are many lawyers whom you could hire and countless attorneys who offer representation. However, Jonathan W. McConnell, a Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS, has received two-course certificates for completing specialized DUI Defense training. He is the lawyer who is personally committed to serving the greatest needs of his clients.

To successfully build a defense, DUI cases often require an attorney who can handle the legalities but is also well-versed in police procedures, breathalyzers, and field sobriety tests. Jon has the training and certificates necessary for this process.

“I received a Certificate of Training for having successfully completed a 24-hour DWI Detection and Standard Field Sobriety Testing Program,” he says. “I also received a separate Science of Breath Testing Course Certificate for attending a course, which gave instruction in breath testing instruments. It covered the topics of breath sample for analysis, instrument accuracy, technology, alcohol absorption, and proper maintenance of instrument and simulator. Each course was taught by an expert on each respective topic.”

The Track Record to Prove It

As the founding member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys, Jon comes with an outstanding track record. He has the credentials you need to have on your side, and he will use all available resources necessary for defending you during your case. In the event that you have to go to court because of a DUI criminal case, are you prepared to handle it? Do you know whom to call and who can get you out of such a fix?

Jon is not only trained, but he has the creative talent necessary for this field. He says that his mission is to ensure that every client gets a fair trial. When you know your rights, you can be better protected. There are countless stories of individuals who tried to face the law without adequate legal help; their futures and their lives were ruined as a result.

You and Your Rights Always Come First

With Jon, you can rest assured that your rights are defended. With his outside-the-box methods, he has already overcome tremendous odds with past clients and is committed to attempting the same for you.

Have you have been charged with a DUI for either drugs or alcohol? Call us! Our offices offer a free consultation. We will put you in touch with Jon, the one attorney who will be honored to handle your case and fight for you.

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