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What Happens After a First DUI Conviction in Kansas?

Posted: 10/10/2017

What Happens After a First DUI Conviction in Kansas?

If you are a Kansan being faced with a DUI conviction for the first time, you’re likely very concerned about the consequences. According to criminal defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell, “A first DUI conviction in Kansas can result in both criminal and administrative penalties.”

Specializing in DUI defense, the McConnell Law Firm in Wichita, Kansas, has developed some brief information to explain what happens as a result of a DUI conviction in Kansas. Of course, every case is different and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting an attorney about the specifics of your case.

Administrative Penalties

  • Your license can be suspended for 30 days to 1 year, followed by a restricted license with an ignition interlock device for 180 days to 2 years. The suspension and restriction period depends on the level of breathe alcohol content or whether you refused testing.
  • Reinstatement of your license is contingent on adequately adhering to the suspension and restriction.

Criminal Penalties

  • You will be required to serve a minimum of two days of incarceration. In limited instances, the time may be served out as 100 hours of community service.
  • You will be required to complete an alcohol/substance abuse assessment, which will determine additional treatment requirements.
  • You will be fined from $750 to $1,000, which does not include license reinstatement costs or costs associated with completion of other sentence terms.
  • The conviction will affect charges and sentencing in future DUI offenses for 10 years, which is known as the lookback period.

What to do Prior to a Conviction

The DUI attorneys at the McConnell Law Firm have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a fair trial and that your rights are being defended. We will make sure all procedures were correctly followed during your DUI arrest and that you are being treated fairly by the system.

Please contact the McConnell Law Firm today for a free consultation about your DUI offense.

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