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How Frequently Are Rape Allegations False?

Posted: 11/21/2017

How Frequently Are Rape Allegations False? - Wichita Criminal Defense Attorney

Recently, rape allegations along with other sexual crime allegations have swept Hollywood. Perhaps the most infamous examples have been allegations involving comedian Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, a film producer, and former film studio executive. The spotlight on such crimes has caused many to wonder how frequently rape allegations are false?

A common estimate puts the percentage of false rape allegations at about 2 percent, but some sources state that 8 to 10 percent of reported rape allegations are determined “unfounded” by authorities. Statistics are hard to develop due to dishonesty on both sides as well as the “gray area” related to rape allegations.

The Surprisingly “Gray Area” of Rape Allegations

According to criminal defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell, “Rape allegation cases with an element of ‘gray area’ are more common than most think.”

Specializing in criminal defense, the McConnell Law Firm in Wichita, Kansas, has developed a list of common “gray area” examples. However, every case is different and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting an attorney about the specifics of your case.

“Gray area” could include:

  • “Mixed signals” that could have been interpreted one way or the other
  • Memories deluded by drugs or alcohol
  • Misunderstandings related to what constitutes rape

The Impact of False Rape Allegations

False rape allegations have the power to ruin lives. If you have been falsely accused of rape, your reputation could be permanently tarnished, your business or livelihood may be destroyed, and your relationships could be negatively impacted. Legal consequences could include large penalties, sex offender registration and prison time.

Defending Against a False Rape Allegation

If you are in the Wichita, Kansas, area and have been falsely accused of rape, our team at the McConnell Law Firm wants to help. Led by McConnell, we specialize in defending against false sexual accusations, and we strive to leave no stone unturned in your defense.

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