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False Allegations of Rape: The Frequency and Impact

Posted: 12/14/2017

False Allegations of Rape: The Frequency and Impact wichita criminal defense attorney

Our society has become seemingly obsessed with the topic of rape and other sexual crime allegations made against members of Hollywood and political figures. Many people are divided between two trains of thought: (1) accusers should be believed en masse and (2) accusers should be thoroughly questioned, even if it means the accuser feels further victimized.

Unfortunately, both approaches can cause much damage to innocent lives, although there is an argument for the fact that believing accusers en masse could cause the most damage to the highest number of people.

The Frequency of False Allegations of Rape

According to criminal defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell, “A common estimate puts the percentage of false allegations of rape at about 2 percent, but some sources state that 8 to 10 percent of reported rape allegations are determined ‘unfounded’ by authorities.”

Statistics are hard to develop due to dishonesty on both sides. Accusers may make false allegations for leverage, revenge, attention, or in some cases, a child or mentally impaired individual may make the accusation because they have been confused by outside information or may have been coerced.

There is also a tremendous amount of “gray area” related to rape allegations, which could include: “mixed signals” that may have been interpreted one way or the other; memories deluded by drugs or alcohol; and misunderstandings related to what constitutes rape.

The Impact of False Allegations of Rape

Specializing in criminal defense, the McConnell Law Firm in Wichita, Kansas, has developed a list of ways a false allegation of rape could negatively impact someone:

  • Your reputation could be tarnished, maybe even permanently.
  • Your business or livelihood may be destroyed or negatively impacted, making it difficult to even make a living.
  • Your interpersonal relationships, such as with your spouse and children, could be ruined or severely damaged.
  • You may have to pay large penalties, serve prison time and register as a sex offender.

Defending Against a False Allegation of Rape

If you are in the Wichita, Kansas, area and have been falsely accused of rape or another sexual crime, the McConnell Law Firm wants to help. Although every case is different and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting with an attorney about the specifics of your case, we are highly experienced in defending against false sexual accusations.

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