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Being arrested or accused of a crime is one of the most difficult trials in life. Friends and family often disappear, leaving you to feel like you’re facing the world alone. What’s more, you know your entire future is at stake due to the serious consequences of the accusations made against you. Whether you have been charged or accused of committing battery, sexual offense, rape or any other criminal offense, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney who can defend you effectively.

Criminal defense attorney Jonathan W. McConnell and the McConnell Law Firm in Wichita, Kansas, have the determination and talent necessary to defend your case. We are fully dedicated to every client, and we will ensure your voice is heard. Jon McConnell refuses to accept defeat, leaving no stone left unturned in your defense. We will stand should-to-shoulder with you to look adversity in the eye. Contact our criminal defense team for a free consultation. We look forward to developing your criminal defense strategy and fighting for your rights!





Jonathan W. McConnell Wichita Criminal Defense AttorneyAbout Jonathan W. McConnell

Founding Attorney of the McConnell Law Firm

Jonathan W. McConnell founded his own law firm in 2014, quickly becoming well-known for his work vigorously defending clients with charges ranging from traffic violations to serious crimes. Jon combines expert knowledge and unmatched tenacity to lead his practice in defending the rights of clients. Both the public and his peers consistently rate Jon at the top of the profession with the most prestigious legal directories. The practice was rebranded in 2017 as the McConnell Law Firm, which is comprised of two additional attorneys and three staff members.


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