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“We’re all part of that entity that keeps the ship going.” – Jonathan W. McConnell

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There When Everyone Turns Their Back

Jonathan W. McConnell, founding attorney at the McConnell Law Firm, believes it is his job to protect individuals and ensure their rights when everyone turns their back. “Helping people is my passion,” said Jon. “Not only do we fix the issue, but hopefully put them in a good position so that life can go on and they don’t have to come back to us.”

Featured Case

This Guy is Innocent

“I realized, this guy is innocent,” said criminal defense attorney Jonathan W. McConnell. “He wanted someone to fight for him because he was innocent!” In January 2015, the McConnell Law Firm founder met a man wrongly accused of rape. Jon spent the next year heavily investigating the case, utilizing private investigators, medical experts and even an anonymous letter to form the defense that resulted in the dismissal of charges. “Had I been dependent on a public defender, there’s zero doubt in my mind that I’d be in prison right now,” said Saber Hossinei. “Jon cares so much. He’s not my friend, he’s my big brother.”

About Our Firm

No Stone Unturned

Our McConnell Law Firm founder, criminal defense attorney Jonathan W. McConnell, was drawn to the profession out of a desire to help people, especially those who are in trouble or who have made a mistake. In helping them, he strives to leave no stone unturned and would expect the same for himself. “I would want a guy like me who loves to work and loves to fight,” said Jon. “That’s what I try to do for people.”

Providing a Sense of Ease

When you partner with the McConnell Law Firm, you don’t just get one attorney; you get an entire team of attorneys. While their team prioritizes work and is involved with serious cases each day, there is not a day that goes by without laughter. “We find that having laughter brings our clients a sense of ease, something that they may not get at other law firms,” said Elizabeth Murphy, office manager at the McConnell Law Firm.

No Man is an Island

Prominently displayed within the McConnell Law Firm is the John Donne quote, “No man is an island.” The firm’s founder, Jonathan W. McConnell, believes that he needs the staff of the McConnell Law Firm just like clients need the firm’s expert criminal defense. “I can’t do this on my own. I need everyone else. We’re all part of that entity that keeps the ship going,” Jon said.

Challenge Accepted

The Clarence Darrow quote, “Lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for,” resonates strongly with the criminal defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell. The McConnell Law Firm founder loves the challenge associated with a case no one believes can be won. He believes there is always hope and something to be done, and Jon ensures his staff is equally prepared to fight on behalf of their clients. For his doubters, Jon has one message: “Challenge accepted.”

Charitable Giving

“I always felt like I was searching for some kind of charity that I could get involved with or donate to in honor of my mother,” said criminal defense attorney, Jonathan W. McConnell. After a lot of research, the McConnell Law Firm founder ultimately decided the Kansas Masonic Foundation was the perfect match for him because of their commitment to cancer research. “I want to leave a lasting impression, and that lasting impression is going to be how I help others,” said Jon.