Defending a Man Accused of Rape | Sex Crimes Lawyers, Wichita

In January 2015, the McConnell Law Firm founder met a man wrongly accused of rape. Jonathan W. McConnell, one of our sex crimes lawyers in Wichita, spent the next year heavily investigating the case, utilizing private investigators, medical experts, and even an anonymous letter to form the defense that resulted in the dismissal of charges.

“Had I been dependent on a public defender, there’s zero doubt in my mind that I’d be in prison right now,” said Saber Hossinei. “Jon cares so much. He’s not my friend, he’s my big brother.”

How We Can Help

If you are in the Wichita, Kansas, area and have been falsely accused of sexual harassment, the McConnell Law Firm can help. Our team is led by McConnell, the founding attorney, and we specialize in defending against false sexual accusations.

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This Guy is Innocent

“I realized, this guy is innocent,” said criminal defense attorney Jonathan W. McConnell. “He wanted someone to fight for him because he was innocent!”

Industry Credentials

Jonathan W. McConnell and his team have become well-known for their expert knowledge and unmatched tenacity. They have been rated highly by the public and their peers on many prestigious legal directories and professional organizations.