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Whether the McConnell Law Firm represented you in a recent case or you were working with another attorney, if the outcome was not what you desired, an appeal may be the best option. In both criminal and civil cases, an appeal is often possible.
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Why Choose the McConnell Law Firm

When an appeal of a criminal conviction or civil ruling is needed, it’s important to work with highly skilled appeal lawyers. Often, the attorney who represented you previously will not have the experience or fortitude necessary to win an appeal.

The appeal lawyers of the McConnell Law Firm fight tirelessly to win appeals related to:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • False Sexual Accusations
  • Traffic Law
  • White Collar Crime
  • Criminal Defense
  • Civil Litigation

What to Expect

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Free Introductory Phone Call

One of our receptionists or legal assistants will gather information about your case, which will usually take no more than 30 minutes. If your case is within our practice areas, they will schedule a free office or telephone conference with one of our appeal lawyers. Even if your case is not within our practice areas, we will still do our best to help you with a referral!

Criminal Defense Attorneys Wichita

During or following the first phone call, we will likely request some additional information. This will be your “homework” to gather, which will help us when it comes time to research the situation and specific laws that pertain to the case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Wichita
Free First Appointment

At the first appointment (preferably in person, but can be over the phone), you will meet with an appeal lawyer for approximately one hour. During this appointment, you will be presented with an analysis of the situation, recommendations for next steps and a list of anything further that we might need.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Wichita
The Process Begins

We will enter into a contract with you and you will make your first payment or pay a retainer fee. Once these steps are completed, we will officially begin the process of serving as your legal team. We will keep you informed at each step of the way.

Appeals Frequently Asked Questions

At the McConnell Law Firm, we understand the frustration and confusion you may be experiencing when faced with an issue that may warrant an appeal. Whether the McConnell Law Firm represented you in a recent case or you were working with another attorney, if the outcome was not what you desired, an appeal may be the best option. Our team has years of experience defending cases like yours and wants to ensure you obtain the answers you deserve to make the best possible decision about your case. We encourage you to browse our appeals Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact us today to discuss the specifics of your case!

  • What Is an Appeal?

    While many individuals believe an appeal is a retrial or a completely new trial, filing an appeal is actually the process of requesting a higher court to review a previously made decision by a lower court judge. If you believe the judge has made a mistake in your ruling, the appellate courts, which may be referred to as the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court, will review your case, including all evidence, transcripts, and relevant documents from the original trial court to determine if the judge’s initial decision must be corrected.

    Municipal Court cases can be appealed at the District Court and are considered “De Novo” appeals. This disregards everything initially ruled in the Municipal Court and starts over from the beginning, with a new court, a new judge, and, most times, a different prosecutor. Municipal Court appeals are “De Novo” because defendants are not entitled to a jury trial in Municipal Court, only a bench trial. By appealing a Municipal Court case to District Court, you can have a Jury trial with six jurors due to a misdemeanor.

  • Who Can File an Appeal?

    In order to file an appeal, there must be a legal basis for filing the appeal, such as an alleged material error in the trial. In a civil court case, either party can file an appeal to a higher court, whereas in a criminal case, only the defendant has the right to an appeal in most states. An appeal of a criminal case from a District Court consists of requesting the “appellate court” to review any and all determinations of the trial court and jury.

    The state is entitled to an “Interlocutory Appeal” which means appealing an adverse ruling while the case is ongoing but a defendant is not. This means a defendant cannot ask an appellate court to intervene with an adverse ruling from the trial court until the case is completed and they have been sentenced. However, civil cases and domestic cases have different rules. An example of this being that domestic cases in Kansas are not entitled to a Jury trial, only a bench trial, and thus they are allowed to do interlocutory appeals. To better familiarize yourself with Kansas law regarding filing an appeal, it’s best to contact a skilled Wichita appeals attorney to help guide you through the process each step of the way.

  • When Must an Appeal Be Filed?

    Kansas Law requires a Notice of Appeal to be filed within 14 days after the date the final judgment form was filed in a criminal case. If you choose to file a “Motion for New Trial” or a “Motion to Reconsider,” Kansas statutes also allow you 14 days following the verdict to file a motion. You may also file a “Motion to Alter or Amend Judgment” in a civil case, and these timelines will vary. If the Notice of Appeal is not filed within this specified timeframe, the court of appeals will not consider the appeal timely.

  • What Is the Most Common Reason for Filing an Appeal?

    Criminal cases with misdemeanor and felony convictions are the most common offenses brought before a court of appeals. While there are many different reasons a defendant may want to appeal a criminal conviction, the most common grounds for appeal are due to ineffective assistance of counsel, denial of pre-trial motions, evidentiary issues during the trial, errors with jury instructions, or plain error committed by the trial court. An experienced appeals attorney will be able to review your case and determine potential problems you may be able to appeal in your case.

  • Why Should I Hire an Appeals Attorney?

    If you feel you have sufficient reasoning to file an appeal in Kansas, it’s best to consult with an appeals attorney as soon as possible to ensure you meet the specified timeframe for filing an appeal. When you partner with a trusted and experienced attorney, they can help guide you through the necessary paperwork, steps, and procedures and understand which issues you may be able to appeal in your case. At the McConnell Law Firm, our expert defense attorneys will fight tirelessly to help win appeals related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), false sexual accusations, traffic law, white collar crime, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

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