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It’s no secret that a DUI can make various aspects of your life more difficult, but you may not have thought about how it can affect your travel ability. Our expert drug crimes lawyers in Wichita, Kansas, at the McConnell Law Firm, have years of experience helping clients navigate the consequences of potential DUI convictions and have detailed some of the not-so-obvious ways that a DUI can affect your day-to-day life. Find out what you need to know about traveling with a DUI below.

License Suspension and DUIs

If you’re facing a DUI charge that causes your license to be suspended, you will only be able to travel as far as you can take a ride-share service or as far as your friends and family will take you. This will consequently affect your ability to travel from state to state and rent a car. Because rental car companies have the right to refuse rental services to anyone, you will likely be turned away due to DUI convictions, speeding tickets, or other reasons you may be seen as a liability. Certain rental car companies have also implemented waiting periods until you can rent a car, such as Avis, which requires a minimum time of 48 months to have passed since your DUI citation.

Navigating Interstate Travel

Many clients question their ability to travel between states after receiving a DUI or while their case is pending. If this applies to you, you’re in luck–there are currently no state-to-state travel restrictions related to DUIs. However, if you are considering taking a domestic vacation while your case is pending, it’s important to understand the conditions of your bond or any other restrictions that may keep you in the state. Our drug crimes lawyers at the McConnell Law Firm recommend contacting your attorney and bond agent to confirm your ability to travel or file a request if not permitted. Additionally, ensure your travel will not interrupt any required court appearances, which will put you at risk for an additional arrest and criminal charges.

Can I Travel Abroad?

While traveling within the continental United States may be plausible when faced with a DUI charge, traveling outside the United States borders can prove more difficult. Many countries have strict policies about allowing outside entry from individuals with DUI charges. Unfortunately, the following countries may restrict you from entering if you have a DUI on your record, so it’s important to research applicable travel laws for your destination and contact the United States Consulate for more information.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • The People’s Republic of China
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates

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If you have questions regarding a DUI conviction or need help navigating the conditions of your probation, we encourage you to contact the McConnell Law Firm as soon as possible. While every case is different, and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting our Wichita drug crimes lawyers about the specifics of your case, it is always in your best interest to have a skilled attorney by your side from the beginning.

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How Will a DUI Affect My Ability To Travel? | Drug Crimes Lawyer

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