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Getting a call from the police station informing you that your child has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can be one of the most devastating moments of your life. You may feel helpless, confused, and embarrassed. However, it’s important to stay calm and know what to do if your child is convicted of a DUI, so you can help them move forward and learn from their mistakes. Our criminal defense attorneys in Wichita, Kansas, at the McConnell Law Firm, have helped countless clients navigate DUI charges and have detailed how exactly you can help your child. Find out what you need to know below!

Hire an Experienced Attorney

The first step in helping your minor child who has been charged with a DUI is hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney specializing in DUI cases. A DUI conviction can have severe consequences for your child, including fines, jail time, license suspension, and a permanent criminal record. Because a minor can’t legally contract an attorney, you, as the parent, must sign on behalf of your child. A skilled DUI lawyer can help guide you and your child through the legal process, provide expert advice, minimize future impact, maintain the child’s license status, and avoid insurance rate increases.

Attend Court Hearings

As a parent, it’s essential to encourage your child to cooperate with the legal system and follow all court orders. Our criminal defense attorneys recommend attending court hearings with your child to show support and ensure that their rights are protected. Your presence can provide emotional support and help your child feel less alone during this difficult time. You can also help your child understand the legal process and what is happening in court.

Seek Help for Any Underlying Issues

If your child has been charged with a DUI, don’t overlook any potential underlying issues that may have contributed to the occurrence. While the legal limit for anyone under the age of 21 in Kansas is just at .02 percent BAC, if you suspect they are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, it’s important to get to the root of the cause and seek help for any underlying issues. This could include counseling, rehabilitation programs, or support groups. Encourage your child to seek help and support them through the process!

Consider a Plea Bargain

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. A plea bargain is an agreement in which your child pleads guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a reduced sentence or other concessions. Your experienced DUI lawyer can help you explore this option and negotiate the best possible outcome for your child.

Explore Expungement Options

Following a DUI conviction, it may be possible to explore expungement options in the future. Expungement is a legal process in which a person’s criminal record is sealed or destroyed, making it inaccessible to the public. Consult with your attorney to discuss your child’s potential expungement options, and receive help navigating the complicated expungement process.

Have You Been Accused?

If you have a child who has recently been charged with a DUI, we encourage you to contact the McConnell Law Firm as soon as possible. While every case is different, and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting a Wichita criminal defense attorney about the specifics of your case, it is always in your best interest to have a skilled attorney by your side from the beginning.

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What To Do if Your Child Is Charged With a DUI | Criminal Defense Attorney, Wichita, KS

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