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Missing a court date can have serious consequences on your legal proceedings. Whether intentional or accidental, failing to appear in court can exacerbate legal troubles and may lead to additional penalties. Our criminal lawyers in Wichita at the McConnell Law Firm have decades of combined experience helping clients navigate court proceedings and are answering one of the most common questions: what happens if I miss my court date? Find out what you need to know before making a mistake that could negatively impact the outcome of your case!


What Happens to Your Bond?

When you are charged with a crime in Kansas, you may be required to post some type of bond to remain out of jail for the duration that your case is pending. You will be required to post the set amount with the court or an amount determined by a bondsman. However, if you posted bail or bond to secure your release before trial and then miss your court date, you should be prepared to forfeit those funds. In such instances, you may lose the money or collateral you provided as security for your release, and a warrant for your arrest may be issued once the bond is revoked.

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Can Court Dates Be Rescheduled?

Sometimes court dates can be rescheduled under certain circumstances. If you’re unable to attend a scheduled court appearance due to valid reasons, such as illness, emergency, or conflicting obligations, you may request a continuance or rescheduling of the hearing. However, it’s essential to follow the proper procedures for requesting a change in court dates, which typically involves notifying the court and opposing parties in advance and providing a valid reason for the request. If you don’t have an attorney, getting a new court date will be very difficult. Your attorney can file the necessary paperwork, advocate on your behalf, and present compelling reasons why the court should grant a continuance.


Consequences for Your Case

When you miss a court date, the consequences vary depending on the circumstances and jurisdiction. However, the repercussions are generally unfavorable and can negatively impact your case. Failure to appear in court can lead to additional charges, such as “failure to appear” or “contempt of court.” These charges can compound your legal troubles and never look good for a defendant, as it can make the court nervous about giving someone a favorable sentence; it shows a lack of reliability and poses concerns about adhering to probation guidelines.

A Real-World Example: Most speeding tickets have a set date to pay the ticket by or to appear in court. If you don’t do either of those things, you will receive a Failure To Appear (FTA) notice. In such an instance, your license could be suspended. If you fail to appear in court for a traffic violation that’s also considered a criminal offense, you will likely receive more severe consequences, such as both license suspension and a warrant for your arrest.


When to Contact an Attorney

From bench warrants to additional charges, the ramifications of failing to appear in court can prolong and exacerbate your legal troubles. However, by taking prompt and proactive steps, such as contacting an attorney and addressing the issue head-on, you can mitigate the consequences of missing a court date and work towards resolving your case favorably. Our criminal lawyers in Wichita at the McConnell Law Firm can help clients reschedule court dates when necessary and can even appear on our clients’ behalf in some instances. If you’re experiencing difficulties navigating the legal system, we encourage you to contact our office today!


Have You Been Accused?

If you need assistance navigating your court case, we encourage you to contact the McConnell Law Firm as soon as possible. While every case is different, and no conclusions should be drawn without first consulting one of our criminal lawyers in Wichita about the specifics of your case, it is always in your best interest to have a skilled attorney by your side from the beginning.

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What Happens if I Miss My Court Date? | Criminal Lawyer, Wichita

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